VIEWS/OPVIC - Weekly Newsletter #2
Hello {name},
Welcome to this week's newletter from VIEWS/OPVIC! 
COVID-19 precautions tell us to limit what we touch when outside our home, but how does that work for a Braille user? See what advancements are being made to try and address this issue. Click here for more info.
We all need to rely on more technology to keep us connected. Here's a useful link to Zoom keyboard shortcuts for sighted and blind users alike! 
Stuck inside and looking for something new to do? Try following this How-To guide to make and old classic, Battleship, more accessible!
Send us your ideas for making games more accessible and we will feature them in our next issue!
This 3D stereoscopic animation tells the story of Matthew, a boy who is never afraid of the dark. Since he's been in darkness all his life, Matthew has eyes where other people only have hands, feet or ears. This week is Matthew's birthday and he's very curious about the surprise his parents are preparing for him. Can he find it?

Don't forget submission for our Virtual Talent Show are due by July 2nd! Be sure to get your submissions in early. We'll also have more information on our virtual chior soon! For all the latest info, click here!
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